The factory is established in 1983. The founder chairman and managing director, Mr. Golam Hossain who has over 40 years of experience in steel business.

The factory is located in Gazipur with area covering 57,000 sq. ft. Currently factorys annual production capacity is 10,000 metric tons which can be increased further with our 255 employees.


Project Completed

1400 m3/hr with 8 vehicles refueling facility at a time
Caterpillar Gas Engine Drive Compressors Largest Gas Engine driven CNG Refueling station in Gazipur

Current Projects

Nirvana CNG, Nirvana PLUS CNG

Muktagacha Poultry Ltd.

Total Land area – 132.5 decimal, Number of birds – 12,000, Annual production – 380,000 eggs

Biogas Plant : Energy from Waste

  • Running 25 Kw Gas generator from our Bio-Gas plant
  • 25% reduction of Diesel consumption
  • Annual saving of BDT 5,80,000
  • Energy consumption of the whole poultry farm is met by this bio-gas plant
  • The by-product is an Environment friendly composed fertilizer which enhances land fertility
  • Plant designed by Grameen Shakti

Muktagacha Fisheries

Land Area – 1500 decimal, Ponds – 35, Species – Tilapia and Pangush and Carp, Annual production in Kg – 120 tons

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